Ways for Seniors to Their Lower Blood Pressure at Home

Ways for Seniors to Their Lower Blood Pressure at Home

Below are our recommendations for the top 5 home remedies which can help senior citizens regulate their blood pressure in an effective way. Nonetheless, as with any other home remedy, the below ways should not be used in order to replace any medications recommended by your doctor.

Banana drink

The main advantage of a banana is that it speeds up metabolism and improves metabolism. The basis of the fruit – potassium allows you to get rid of excess sodium. For a sustained positive effect and maintaining blood pressure at a normal rate, it is worth to consume a banana drink on a regular basis. Prior to usage, it is necessary to stir the drink well for a few seconds.


Celery is great to improve the health of the entire circulatory system. When cooking, you can use any part of this vegetable like roots, stem, or leaves. However, the largest concentration of beneficial elements is found in the stem. It is not necessary to add the chopped vegetable to any dish! It is enough to eat one stem raw once a day to make sure your blood pressure stays at normal levels.

Coconut water

Coconut helps moisturize the body, as well as regulate the flow of blood. One and a half liters per day of this drink can help enhance strengthen your body as well as the mind. A nice bonus is that coconut water can prevent an increase in blood pressure.

Watermelon seeds with cucurbocitrin

The mysterious cucurbocitrin is not found on the store shelves – it is contained in the seeds of the watermelon. What is this substance? It strengthens the walls of capillaries and makes them more elastic. Watermelon seeds will not only help get rid of high blood pressure, but they can also solve kidney problems as well as cure arthritis in older adults.

Wholesome Garlic

Garlic cloves are another easy way to make sure your blood pressure levels stay at a normal rate in old age. In addition, garlic can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body besides eliminating any other diseases that are common in old age.

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can benefit seniors who are 65 and over to cover costs like copay, as well as deductible.

Senior Exercises

As a senior ages and decrease their movements, this can have a detrimental effect on one’s body. The muscles lose their tone and do not work as effectively as they should. A senior may have serious accidents which make their mobility difficult for them and their families. Doing certain exercises to maintain the health of a senior’s body is essential to sustain a healthy life style as their years advance.

Training with weights.

Training with weights can be beneficial to strengthen muscles that have lost their flexibility. One can start doing repetitions will a low weight to start and advance to higher weights as the reps become too easy. These exercises also increase one’s bone density and will help curb any accidents one may have as they advance in age.


Exercising two to three times a week is most beneficial in strengthening one’s muscle tone. You will become more flexible and when done with the exercises, it is important to stretch your muscles to keep them limber.  This also will increase the blood flow to all parts of the body. Drinking several glasses of water when done, will help move the lactic acid out of the muscles and help with any soreness.


Cardio exercises can help maintain one’s weight. As we age, weight can increase easily and doing some cardio everyday will help keep your weight maintained. Taking a brisk walk around the block or gardening for an hour or two will be very beneficial. One may also use the machines at a gym or go to an aerobics class at the senior center.


As we age, balance is one problem that seems to effect a lot of people. The leg muscles are not used enough and therefore balance can become a problem. Strengthening one’s legs by doing several reputations of leg squats or leg presses on a machine can go the trick.

Exercising in groups.

Many senior centers have group exercise classes free of charge. This is a great way to meet new people and share your ups and downs about your exercises. Being in a group can help with one’s social outlook and emotional wellbeing. Aging does not have to be something one dreads and think their life will now be limited. By doing the above exercises one can keep one’s body much healthier and muscles so much stronger. You will be surprised how good you feel once you have exercised. Your mind and body will be much happier.  Go to https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ to find great Medicare Supplement rates.

What Medicare Advantage Plans Are Good For You?

If you know anyone who has stayed at the medical center for an extended period of time, you must inquire them what their expense was. They may perhaps tell you several unbelievable numbers that their insurance agency settled and that could have been their duty had the insurance carrier failed to settle. Well, at the age of 65, your first insurance carrier will be the government. If you feel that Medicare alone will pick up the tab on anything, then you are totally mistaken and you have to start to look at Medicare Advantage Plans as early as you can.

This is a plan that is kind of like a soup-up Medicare plan which you supplement by spending a little bit on the side. Instead of a Medicare supplemental plan, which is pretty much a totally different insurance plan, Medicare Advantage Plans are proper Medicare programs that you may have simply chosen to make better. As an example, should you be inside the clinic for weeks, your bill might top up t0 $50,000 and if you just had Medicare, you can still be left with a bill at the end of the week. Should you have Medicare Advantage Plans, then your tab will usually be covered since you decided to pay additional for your insurance plan.

More information about plans at

Once you enroll in Medicare, you may be given 3 options. You could select to get Medicare only that is the inexpensive selection. You can also opt into one of the numerous Medicare Advantage Plans, which might cost you more and grant you more extra benefits, or you could apply for a Medicare then later purchase your Medicare supplemental insurance on the side which is the most costly option, but normally provides you with the most coverage. One advantage of signing up for Medicare Advantage Plans is that they often add vision, dental care, and prescription plans in the primary program, which will save you money down the road. This means you won’t be applying for a Medicare Plan D (prescription plan).

Lots of people consider this option over a supplemental insurance plan because it’s a whole lot more inexpensive and also simply because the paperwork is a lot less than if you have been dealing with two different insurance carriers. There is much less room for mistakes to be created and as far as premium proceeds; you have one very simple premium in a month which is certainly much more affordable than the usual supplemental insurance payment. When you are ready to shop for Medicare Advantage Plans, you need to start with the Medicare website or speak to your community insurance broker. It is also a smart idea to search on the internet where you could examine companies. You might find that there are several firms that cater to your location that are very reasonable. Most people make the mistake of believing that Medicare covers you for the rest of your lifetime, but even Medicare has its limitations.

Answering the Questions About Medigap

Since the marking of the Affordable Care Act, a huge number of Americans have seen the change in the moderateness and openness of health care administrations. This demonstration was marked as a piece of the general health care change presented by the organization.   Medicare Beneficiaries have without a doubt been helped by the Affordable Health Care Act since it was put vigorously. The “donut gap” that has existed for these said recipients is currently being tended to by this demonstration.

 Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan G help that is required by the Medicare Part D recipients has been secured with the assistance of this demonstration. Giving members more extensive coverage for drugs endorsed to them with the goal that they can keep up a healthy lifestyle however much as could reasonably be expected. As far as possible difference that beforehand existed is presently managed. Additionally, a half markdown is accessible to them when they purchase doctor prescribed drugs.

 Medicare is set to pay for 7% of non specific medications for the coverage hole said above for 2011. There was additionally a $250 sum that is tax-exempt given to the individuals who were casualties of the donut gap. Until the point when this one is shut, the Affordable Care Act is required to facilitate the budgetary weight on seniors through the bringing down of expenses of specific drugs. Specialists want to have this donut gap shut by the year 2020, however meanwhile numerous are thinking about supplemental health benefits through approaches like growth insurance or basic ailment insurance. These plans are ending up increasingly prevalent since they pay the purchaser, not the medical office, so individuals that have these plans get additional assistance to fill in any holes that Medicare or health coverage has. One reason these plans are searched out is because of the low expenses and health benefits that generally offer. How it functions is, if the guaranteed is determined to have a secured ailment, than set advantages for systems are paid to safeguarded, an illustration: Second Surgical Opinion advantage of $250 is paid to protected, not the specialist. Likewise, there are more…daily benefits for chemo as well as radiation, hospice care, meds, surgery, and so on.

 Finally, with disease insurance, the protected is qualified for health benefits. Advantage sums differ from state to state and in addition organization to organization however you can by and large observe a mammogram, pap and PSA advantage. Numerous concur that getting paid for tumor screenings just settles on for a healthy budgetary choice.

The Downfall of Retirement Planning

Why is it so difficult to plan for retirement? The issue is individuals are not wired for long haul planning or for the dangers engaged with retirement reserve funds. They have a tendency to be idealistic, yet neglect to plan for occurrences that could occur later on. For instance, wining the lottery involves a man’s brain, because of its constructive outcomes on life, more than retirement arrangement. As individuals age they progressively push negative musings aside, and dawdling at that point turns into an issue, because of the hallucination of additional time later on ahead.

 More Barriers

 If it’s insufficient that individuals aren’t wired for long haul planning, the fleeting has a tendency to act as a burden. Numerous individuals site everyday costs and average cost for basic items as the reason they can’t put something aside for retirement. Diversions mount, as families develop and the interests of the kids begin to become the dominant focal point. Organizations keep on cutting retirement plans or quit adding to them all together. After a short time, life has jumped into the future and an opportunity to begin investment funds appears to have cruised by. Getting the retirement planning exhortation is vital to setting aside a few minutes and finding the correct retirement plans.

 Understanding Life in Retirement

 Life achieves numerous unanticipated changes and thinking about them will help with retirement readiness. Retirement is long nowadays, enduring a few decades or more. As time passes by, so frequently do financing costs, so it’s imperative to comprehend the value of those dollars later on. If intrigue rises 3% consistently a $10 pizza today will cost.30 pennies more one year from now. It’s best to be set up for unexpected things, for instance securities exchange decreases, a long life, long haul care for inconspicuous ailment or even helped care. Medicare won’t cover a retiree’s whole healthcare, plan as needs be for a Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

Build up a Plan

 There are numerous things individuals can do to get ready for resigning, yet the most vital thing is to begin sparing at this point. At the age of 50, a specialist can contribute more to their 401 (k) and IRA to expand their investment funds. Working past the age of 62 will enable them to spare more cash. Deferring Social Security profits by age 62 to age 70 will build a retiree’s base advantage by around 75%. Once resigned, down measuring to a littler house will eliminate assessments and utilities. Getting retirement planning counsel through one of the numerous common reserve organizations like Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Prudential will enable a specialist to comprehend stocks, bonds and annuities that can add to their settled pay in retirement.

 Understanding Is Half the Battle

 There are numerous difficulties individuals confront each day that add to the defeat of retirement planning. A man’s failure to plan long haul, see future dangers, and capacity to dawdle are huge hindrances to retirement readiness. More boundaries cross a man’s way, as families develop, organizations cut back advantages and time speeds ahead. Understanding what retirement looks like will help in its planning. Working longer and deferring Social Security advantages will expand reserve funds and advantages. Finding the correct assets is basic to help the retiree’s reserve funds and potential commitments to a settled salary.

Why to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans at the right time

Why to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 at the right time

However, delaying during the right time at 65 years may end up in paying penalties and so wisely consider the options and it is best to act promptly.

Medicare supplement plans entail four major programs:

  • Part A covering hospital stays
  • Part B covering the physician fees
  • Part C gives Medicare beneficiaries optional, for care coverage as alternative plans
  • Part D covering the prescription medications

2019 medicare advantage plan

Apart from these government programs, the Medicare supplement plans are available as additional coverage purchase to individuals to get enrolled in Parts A and B.


Beginning Medicare enrollment at the right time begins before your birthday month when you are 65 years. The period is three months after and also before the birthday month and this makes a total of 7 months. If you are receiving now the benefits of Social Security, you need not do anything. Once you turn 65 and become effective, automatically you get enrolled in Parts A and B Medicare. But, if you are not a recipient of the benefits of Social Security, you may call Social Security Administration and sign for Medicare.


Part A Medicare actually needs no monthly payment. However, in case you have some work history, there is a need to pay premium for Part A. Generally, people pay for Part B premium. This is based on the income of the person and so it may increase or in case they failed to enroll when they were eligible first, they can sign now for Part A Medicare without Part B signing up.  Yet, you cannot escape as you have to pay later for Part B more, anytime you sign up for it.


Part B Medicare is not required immediately to sign up, in case you have union or employee group insurance plan or are working. However, there may be a surprise later that may not be pleasing. So find from your employer about the Medicare plan you are enrolled with and the primary insurer, so that you can get into the process of Part B Medicare sign up. Conversely, enrolling for Part A at least is a must so that it pays some costs that may not be covered by the group or employer health plan. Thus, do not skip the enrolment period initially or else you must wait for getting enrolled in the general enrolment period that is from January 1st to 31st March every year.


Pros and cons of Medicare Advantage Plans

Pros and cons of Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019


Medicare advantage plans also known are put into place to fill the gaps that are left by Medicare original plans such as the payment of coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles. These expenses amount to thousands of dollars each year. Hence it is advisable to opt for Medigap plans to cover these expenses.

Pros for Medicare advantage plans:

  • Medigap plans save money:

All Medigap plans cover Part A deductible and the befit period is as short as 60 days. Hence, all the deductibles can be paid for different visits to the hospitals and lower the load on the insured as different visits are treated separately. All Medicare advantage plans cover the co-insurance for Parts A and B and hence make it easier to choose plans.

  • It is easy to choose among different plans:

All Medigap plans are standardized across the states and across all policies. The benefits are provided accordingly in ten different plans. There are numerous companies that sell these plans and are authorized to sell too. As they are standardized all companies have to sell with the same benefits. The only thing that differs is the premium.

  • These plans are easy to work with:

Unlike Medicare Advantage, there is no fixed enrollment period. Medigap plans can be signed up for any time. Moreover, Medicare advantage plans do not have any restricted network providers. Claims are all automatically filed and it also does not have limitations geographically.

Cons of Medicare advantage plans

  • They could be expensive:

The people who opt for Medigap plans are either old or disabled. They have a fixed income which is affected by an increase in premium. These policies are to ensure that the copayments and deductibles are not too hard on the pocket instead the premium may become a burden in itself. Moreover, it is an extra premium paid with a premium for original Medicare plans.

  • No integral prescription drug coverage:

Plan D of the original Medicare plan has prescription drug coverage. However, it might cover all the drugs. Medicare advantage also provides with the coverage. Hence, here a lot of plans to choose from and also requires payment of premium.

  • Acceptance is limited and not guaranteed:

The Medicare advantage plans are a sure shot during the open enrollment of six months as they do not require an underwriting or medical history or even current health issues cannot turn it over but after that the application process is tricky. The application may not be accepted after the open enrollment is closed.

5 Best Pillows For Senior Citizens

As you get older, each system inside your body loses its strength and makes the person susceptible to illnesses which often result in serious health issues. Sleep is a major factor that contributes to the health of every person. Elderly folks are unable to move the way they used to in their younger days since their bodies aren’t as versatile as before. An extended period of remaining in the same state causes numbness, body ache, headache and numbness in older persons.


Thus, it’s critical that elderly people utilize a suitable pillow for keeping their spinal column & head in the right alignment to prevent body aches.


5 Best Pillows for Seniors:


Lumbar Pillows

Enroll in a 2019 medicare advantage plan to save money.

These pillows are manufactured using thermo-sensitive foam which provides steady temperature to the back of the elderly. This helps them get a relief from mid and lower back pain in a short period of time. It contains a strap which can be used to attach the product to the furniture permanently. The cushion features a detachable anti-microbial velour cover which makes maintenance easy and also protects the person from allergens. Lastly, it is a perfect fit if you want to carry it onto the car, plane, and almost anywhere.


Contour Cervical Pillows


They are known to offer therapeutic sleep with perfect spinal alignment. Contour cervical pillows are designed to minimize discomfort in areas like neck, head, back, and shoulder. The soft rayon cover and polyester can be removed and washed as per your needs. This pillow can be ideal for seniors who’re sensitive to dust mites and allergies.


Leg Spacer


Leg Spacer comes in the shape of an hourglass which can fit easily between your legs. Also, the pillow moves with the person while you are in sleep. It takes the pressure and strain off your knees, ankles and lower back. You can pick between regular & petite sizes.


Memory Foam Knee Pillows


While you are sleeping on the side, you can place the pillow between the knees for reducing lower back and hip pain. Another way you can use these pillows is by unfolding the pads and placing them behind the knees whilst lying on the back for supporting your legs.


Memory Travel Cushions


These cushions are perfect for seniors with resting or special needs. Memory Travel Cushions are U-shaped pillows manufactured using 100 percent viscoelastic foam which offer the right support and maximum comfort around your neck.


Medigap and Medicare

The CMS or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services makes Medicare Information accessible on the nature of administration and cost of healthcare. The new standards proposed by the CMS make it less demanding to choose high caliber and minimal effort healthcare administrations from doctors, doctor’s facilities and other healthcare suppliers.

Many seniors get Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 to avoid high medical bills and surplus expenses.
medicare supplement plan for 2019

Under the new standards, associations meeting specific qualifications will be offered authorization to get too patient ensured Medicare information to create open reports about the health care administrations of centers, doctors and doctor’s facilities. These reports will join Medicare, and Medigap Insurance claims information with private part asserts information to bring up which healthcare suppliers give the most financially savvy and most astounding quality administrations. This system is a piece of the Affordable Care Act went for enhancing health care, making individuals genius dynamic about their health, and driving down health care costs.


As per the CMS Administrator, Donald Berwick, MD, making this data accessible to people, in general, will engage them to settle on keen choices about their health care. He trusts that the execution reports will increment higher-quality and practical health care for many buyers. Making the healthcare framework more straightforward, advances healthy rivalry between insurance organizations and healthcare suppliers and that could drive down premiums.

In what manner Will Transparency Change Health Care?


Throughout the years, businesses and buyers have been baffled by the limited accessibility of health care claims information. Numerous health plans utilize supplier execution information exclusively given the health plan’s particular cases, which may speak to a little bit of a supplier’s general execution. Influencing health to care guarantees more straightforward, can expand customer understanding about the implementation of doctors and different suppliers. Envision having the capacity to pick your specialist in light of survival and recuperation rates after his past surgeries.


Straightforwardness can be similarly as vital with regards to Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap Insurance. Did you realize that Medigap Plans are institutionalized by law to offer pre-set advantages? The same can’t be said in regards to Advantage Plans, however, you’ll need to examine benefits, for example, which solutions each plan covers.


Would transparency be able to Help You Make The Most Of Medicare?


To make certain you have the coverage you’ll require requires decoding Medicare’s advantages and contrasting that with your normal doctor and healing center bills. At that point, search for one of a few Medicare Advantage Plans or Medigap Plans that can get any left-finished medicinal costs. Once you’ve chosen what extra coverage you’ll need and which plan can best fill in Medicare’s holes, you’ll have to look into how costs analyze for that plan.


There’s still little straightforwardness with regards to how Medicare Supplement Plans are estimated. Research uncovers that specific individuals lamentably pay several dollars more than others for precisely the same. To think about costs, look at rates from various insurance organizations or utilize an online site to enable you to analyze rates from different back up plans by running statements on numerous plans with a solitary statement ask. This is a free administration and the statements are exact. It’s a brisk method to limit the determination of different plans.


If you have a prior health condition, you’ll best chance to get coverage with low premiums comes amid unique open enlistment periods, for example, when you turn 65. Amid open enlistment, Medicare Supplement insurance rates can’t be raised in light of your restorative history. Also, Medicare Advantage Plans or MA plans are known for tolerating all previous health conditions with the exception of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

4 Reasons why Medicare plans are the best

A Medicare Supplement plan is basically offered through private insurance agencies. These Medigap policies or plans help an individual to pay a portion the health center costs and therapeutic costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, for example, copayments, coinsurance, and yearly deductibles.

In 47 states of the USA, there are 10 institutionalized Medicare Supplement plans that are denoted by the letters A to N, however the plans E, I, J and H are no longer available. The private insurance agencies offering these plans don’t really provide each Medicare Supplement policy / plan, yet they always offer Plan A. On the off chance that an insurance agency offers any Medicare Supplement plan along with the Plan A then it must offer either Plan C or Plan F alongside some other institutionalized Medicare Supplement plan that it offers.

  1. Relieve your debts

Medicare offers a variety of monthly prices, where if you look closely and make a comparative analysis you can save and make expenses thanks to Medicare, since with other insurers the possibility of even saving is minimal. For this reason, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 guarantee you a relief to get rid of those debts and also give you the possibility to cover any future expenses within any health area, such as hospitals and medical consultations.

  1. The plans that every family needs and deserves

Within the complementary plans of Medicare, we can see that, when going to a medical consultation or hospital, if one of this does not enter the list in the list of references as other insurers perform; Medicare has the solution for the whole family and even the elderly, where the last are the people who most resort to medical services. Medicare gives them the solution in not limiting itself to the time of going to any of these, it can freely to medical consultations, hospitals or clinics.

  1. Everything you need, Medicare plans give them to you.

Medicare thinks of everyone, that’s why it has 10 ideal plans for each one, where each can adjust to the price, circumstances and those needs that the person would like. All are regulated by law, and so, no matter in which state you bought the plan, you will continue to receive your services and benefits. By guaranteeing renewal of the contract and if a health problem arises, the plan you chose with Medicare will not be canceled.


  1. International Plans

Medicare does not get out of hand either! . They have international policies where, if a Medicare holder decides to move out of Country, he gives them the guarantee and solves the problem of legal walking or pending of his documentation, without excluding the people who have retirement. Medicare guarantees the calm in which they will have medical assistance.