5 Best Pillows For Senior Citizens

As you get older, each system inside your body loses its strength and makes the person susceptible to illnesses which often result in serious health issues. Sleep is a major factor that contributes to the health of every person. Elderly folks are unable to move the way they used to in their younger days since their bodies aren’t as versatile as before. An extended period of remaining in the same state causes numbness, body ache, headache and numbness in older persons.


Thus, it’s critical that elderly people utilize a suitable pillow for keeping their spinal column & head in the right alignment to prevent body aches.


5 Best Pillows for Seniors:


Lumbar Pillows

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These pillows are manufactured using thermo-sensitive foam which provides steady temperature to the back of the elderly. This helps them get a relief from mid and lower back pain in a short period of time. It contains a strap which can be used to attach the product to the furniture permanently. The cushion features a detachable anti-microbial velour cover which makes maintenance easy and also protects the person from allergens. Lastly, it is a perfect fit if you want to carry it onto the car, plane, and almost anywhere.


Contour Cervical Pillows


They are known to offer therapeutic sleep with perfect spinal alignment. Contour cervical pillows are designed to minimize discomfort in areas like neck, head, back, and shoulder. The soft rayon cover and polyester can be removed and washed as per your needs. This pillow can be ideal for seniors who’re sensitive to dust mites and allergies.


Leg Spacer


Leg Spacer comes in the shape of an hourglass which can fit easily between your legs. Also, the pillow moves with the person while you are in sleep. It takes the pressure and strain off your knees, ankles and lower back. You can pick between regular & petite sizes.


Memory Foam Knee Pillows


While you are sleeping on the side, you can place the pillow between the knees for reducing lower back and hip pain. Another way you can use these pillows is by unfolding the pads and placing them behind the knees whilst lying on the back for supporting your legs.


Memory Travel Cushions


These cushions are perfect for seniors with resting or special needs. Memory Travel Cushions are U-shaped pillows manufactured using 100 percent viscoelastic foam which offer the right support and maximum comfort around your neck.