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To empower the marginalised to demand what is rightfully theirs

What is FEDINA

FEDINA (Foundation for Educational Innovations in Asia), a secular non-governmental, non-profit organization, was established in the year 1983 with its headquarters in Bangalore. FEDINA was authorised to receive foreign funds under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) in 1985. FEDINA is also registered under Karnataka Trust Registration Act, FCRA, and has exemption for donations u/s 12A of Income Tax Act & 80G.

What we do…….

FEDINA works towards the empowerment of the marginalized groups of our society: tribals, Dalits, poor women, small farmers, landless labourers and informal sector workers and slum-dwellers in the South Indian states Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry.

Our strategy…….

FEDINA’s strategy for empowerment involves the following thrusts:

Consciousness-raising - Building awareness about their rights.
FEDINA undertakes a number of consciousness-raising drives for marginalised people; such as meetings, conventions, campaigns, seminars and street plays.

Forming people’s organisations or member groups
FEDINA helps build people’s organisations to negotiate with upper castes, landlords, landowners, employers, elected representatives and appropriate authorities for their rights and for economic and welfare programmes aimed at their upliftment.

Capacity building
FEDINA fosters and supports numerous capacity building programmes, such as meetings, trainings, campaigns, networks for building capacity to negotiate.

Implementing socio-economic activities
FEDINA implements activities that engender equality of marginalized people among member groups. For instance, FEDINA promotes women’s rights, economic and social rights, equal wages.

Training of staff
To achieve it’s objectives, FEDINA conducts periodic and trainings for its staff by organising Training of Trainers, exposures, sessions on social analysis and courses on planning, project implementation and monitoring methodologies.

How we do…

Unionisation (for labour rights)
FEDINA’s major priority is the implementation of the ILO convention on core labour rights viz., right to form unions, right to collective bargaining, right to equal wage for equal work and fight against forced labour. FEDINA helps informal sector workers to form unions that are able to negotiate with their employees and with the state, to ensure that labour rights are not denied them. The unions supported are Garment and Textile Workers Union, Beedi Workers Union, Agricultural Workers Union.

Right to work (employment guarantees)
FEDINA helps persons below the poverty line (and those marginalised) exploit their right to work and the state’s responsibility to provide both work and remuneration. FEDINA helps such persons tap into and thus achieve a wider reach for programmes such as the Implementation of Employment Guarantee Programs at Panchayat level.

Access to land for landless
FEDINA’s third priority is to acquire land and titles for the landless, Dalits, Tribals and slum dwellers, so that they exercise their right to property. Land was allotted by the state to Dalits, as they were not allowed to own land. This land is called Panchami or Depressed Class land. While displacing tribals, the state by law has to give land for livelihood and habitation. Both Panchami land and tribal land cannot be sold to others as per the PTCL (Prohibition of Transfer of Certain Lands) Act. FEDINA supports legal aid and negotiations with government and landlords in this regard.

Fighting discrimination against Dalits in mundane, daily life
FEDINA opposes all forms of discrimination against Dalits and fights for equal treatment of Dalits, to ensure that they are not affected by acts of discrimination in daily life viz., entry to tea-shops, entry into temples, access to drinking water and access to common resources, isolation, insults in the name of caste, etc.

Opposing violence against women
FEDINA opposes and organises resistance of women against domestic violence, dowry death and harassment, rape, murder, all forms of abuse in work environments and female foeticide.

Helping groups obtain access to government programmes
FEDINA helps ensure that benefits from government schemes are accessible to and availed by the intended target groups. This includes programmes such as pensions for senior citizens, housing programmes and special programmes for women and children.

Fostering programmes within groups and networks
FEDINA catalyses programmes and initiatives by people in member groups. The programs supported by FEDINA are land acquisition and developing their productive assets viz., land, building and consolidating a preventive health system in the community, promoting Self Help Groups (SHG), housing, providing legal aid and legal helpline, providing community based sanitation infrastructure and decentralized wastewater treatment systems especially for poor settlements in urban and semi-urban areas


Foundation for Educational Innovation in Asia
154, Anjaneya Temple Street
Domlur Village,
Bangalore – 560 071
Phone Nos. 91-80-25353563/190
Fax No. 91-80-25356765
Legal helpline No. – 91-80-25356765
Email id: fedinablr@gmail.com
Website: www.fedina-india.org

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