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Wednesday 25 February 2009 by Terre des Hommes France

Terre des Hommes France is an international solidarity organization that acts towards the implementation of the conditions of a socially fair, ecologically and economically sustainable development in the North and the South. It takes part in the creation of a civil and democratic society. In this regard, it supports partners in Central America, Africa and Asia in their field actions to promote and advocate economic, social and cultural rights and allow the development of local citizenship. Terre des Hommes France is firmly involved in claiming those rights and their implementation.

To meet its goals, Terre des Hommes France:

  • Makes the financial, technical and human ressources needed for project executions more easily available to its partners;
  • facilitates the necessary structuring of organizations in networks for a better effectiveness at national and international levels;
  • builds awareness raising (education to development and citizenship), advocacy and action capacities, with its Northern and Southern partners, in order to have economic, social and cultural rights integrated into national legislations, enforce them on a daily basis and obtain the ratification by the States of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

For Terre des Hommes France, South-South meetings are essential in order to extend, consolidate and strengthen ESC rights enforceability dynamics. Thus, for many years, Terre des Homme France has invited its partners to regional and global social meetings and organized exchange seminars. It has tried putting in contact persons and teams from associations and social organizations of different backgrounds and cultures; facilitating the confrontation of experiences and mutual discovering; and promoting the creation of training and thinking spaces.

Following this experience and observation that our partners worked towards the implementation of the same rights but with different methods, we launched together with Juristes-Solidarités and our respective partners this program of training on ESC rights enforceability approaches, enabling them to teach their working methods to each other. The participants will then be able, in turn, to teach the approaches they learned to the people with whom they work.

For further information

Terre des Hommes France
10 bis rue Suger
93200 Saint-Denis - FRANCE
Phone number: 00 33 1 48 09 09 76
Fax: 00 33 1 48 09 15 75
E-mail: tdhf@terredeshommes.fr
Website: www.terredeshommes.fr

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