European Investments in Latin America: are they responsible?

Monday 29 April 2013 by Terre des Hommes France

A video realized with the support of Terre des Hommes France, by the Grupo Sur and other european networks after the conference “Aid to the private sector: promoting responsible investments? Latin America as a testing ground” organized on 21 March, at the European Parliament.

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A short interview with Camilo Tovar:

With EU funds under ever-closer scrutiny, Civil Society groups claim cash earmarked for Official Development Assistance is being channelled unfairly to the private sector. Financial blending mechanisms such as the EU’s Latin American Investment Facility, are supposed to leverage financing to support development projects and poverty reduction; but concerns are growing louder that EU geopolitical and business interests are distorting development policy.

Should European firms be benefiting directly from European development funds? And is the decision-making process transparent enough?

On EBX News, Cooperation and Development Consultant, Camilo Tovar; author of a new report on Aid for Latin America - the report explains why more private sector transparency is needed in Latin America’s Aid programmes.

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