Water for life or for trade? EU : Central America,Colombia and Peru

Tuesday 16 April 2013 by Terre des Hommes France

The trade agreements between the EU, Central America, Colombia and Peru have to be ratified by the parliaments of the 27 Members states of the European Union.

After years of discussion on the relevance and impact of these trade agreements, attention is turning to a vital natural resource: WATER. If any of these trade agreements are ratified, intensive agriculture and industrial projects developed in Latin America will have a major impact on communities access and right to this natural resource. The approval of these agreements will have a number of potential consequences onland use and increased pressure on water sources in the Andean region and Central America. Views for and against have been expressed and some MEPs have still to make up their minds, so decisions on the use of natural resources and the right to life are still in the balance.

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