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Drafting and presenting a shadow/alternative report

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights requires states to respect, protect and fulfil ESC rights in collaboration with the civil society. All States parties are obliged to submit regular reports to the United Nations Committee on ESC rights on how the rights are being implemented.

The Committee on ESC rights initiated a procedure to consult civil society and to associate it in the monitoring of human rights fulfilment by states. Through this procedure, social and professional organisations and movements, minority and autochtonous groups that defend citizens’ general interests, are tasked to provide reliable data on the actual implementation of human rights. The verbal or written information they provide enable experts to verify, fine-tune or complete their own data in full transparency.

In this procedure, a shadow report is a subsidiary and complementary tool for the review of states reports.

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Human rights An alternative report on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’ violations is in progress

It is what has emerged from the workshop on appropriation of the action plan and from the launch of thematic groups of the Cameroonian ESC rights platform.
Monday 15 November 2010 by Plate Forme DESC Cameroun

To enable a greater appropriation of the action plan by the platform members and partners and to organise work within thematic groups were two of the main objectives of the participants of the workshop on the appropriation of the action plan of the Cameroon ESCR platform that took place on the 8th to the 9th of July in the Benedictine Monastery at Mont Febe at Yaounde. In addition to the member organisations of this platform that were part of the different thematic groups during the constitutive general Assembly of October 2009, a few agent of State institutions and of development partners were present.

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Shadow report on economic, social and cultural rights

Methodological guide
Thursday 3 September 2009

This guidebook brings together the field experience of Terre des Hommes France’s old or recent partners such as Guamina, as part of the Malian ESC Rights Platform, Convergencia de Organismos Civiles (Mexico), FASE (Brazil), and PhilRights (Philippines) in drafting a shadow report for presentation to the UN Committee on ESC rights.

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ESC rights Shadow Reporting: The Philippine Experience

Wednesday 14 January 2009 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights

Philippine NGOs submitted an alternative report on ESC rights in 1995, in 2002 and 2008.

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The Role of Indicators-setting in ESC rights Shadow Reporting

Tuesday 10 February 2009 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights
Why indicators? Unlike civil and political rights, ESC rights still do not have clear parameters that will indicate whether they are being realized or violated. Determine whether government policies and actions are in accordance or in violation with its ESC rights obligations. Determine (...) > continue

On the eve of the UN CESCR review of the Philippine report

Thursday 26 February 2009 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights

The Philippine NGO-PO Network for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights released this press statement on the eve of the UN CESCR review of the Philippine report, in November 2008.

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Philippines: Issues and questions raised during the UNCESCR 41st session

Friday 26 June 2009 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights

The filipino official report was examined by the UN Committee on ESC rights in November 2008. In this document, you will find the issues and questions raised by the Committee and the governement’s answers.

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Divided Destinies Unequal Lives - ESC rights and the Indian State

NGO report to the United Nations Committee on ESC rights
Wednesday 9 September 2009 by Fedina

PWESCR (Programme on Women’s Economic Social and Cultural Rights) initiated a collective process under the broad umbrella of the People’s Collective on Economic Social and Cultural Rights to articulate the myriad voices from India’s civil society.

  • The short term goal for the Collective was to develop an NGO Report in response to the Government of India’s Report.
  • The long term goal, however, was two fold: to develop a core group of organisations to monitor women’s economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in India, and to raise awareness around international human rights standards and their relevance to local and national struggles.
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Experience of the Malian ESC rights platform in drafting a shadow report in the absence of any official report

In Mali, the initiative of drafting a parallel/shadow report to that of the Malian state, which signed and ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) in 1966 and 1974, respectively, was encouraged by a suitable political and social background

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Drafting a shadow report on ESC rights, following the state’s official report, the Mexican experience

the Mexican civil society draft shadow reports on ESC rights since 1993.

In 2005, Mexico was late in presenting progress made in the submission of the official report to the Committee on ESC rights.

Organisations that were members of three networks decided to coordinate their efforts in the resumption of the elaboration of the report as an ENFORCEABILITY STRATEGY.

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Presentation of the shadow report to the UN Committee on ESC rights, the Mexican experience

Successive steps of the presentation of the shadow report : Elaboration Process, Monitoring of the drafting of the official report, Link with multiple players, Presentation in the mass media, Participation in the pre-session, Monitoring of the presentation of the Mexican government, Circulation of the report and information of public opinion, Evaluation

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