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Mobilizing the civil society

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Philippine Network for Economic, Social, and Cultural (ESC) Rights Holds Founding Assembly

Monday 6 September 2010 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights
In a move to further consolidate its ranks, the Philippine NGO-PO Network for ESC Rights held its first and founding General Assembly on June 4, 2010 at the Fersal Place in Quezon City, Philippines. Around sixty (60) delegates from different people’s organizations (POs) and non-governmental (...) > continue

Terre des Hommes France co-organized a module and a workshop at the Summer University of International Solidarity with the participation of PhilRights

Monday 31 May 2010 by Terre des Hommes France

The “Summer University on International Solidarity” will take place from 7 to 10 of July 2010 in Bordeaux (France). Terre des Hommes France co-organized a module on Human Rights and Dignity and a workshop on the right to food in the Philippines with the participation of its partner, Bernardo D. Larin from PhilRights.

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Cameroonian ESC Rights Platform : A planning meeting

Wednesday 5 May 2010 by Plate Forme DESC Cameroun

Last 18th and 19th February, the NGO ASSOAL’s premises provided the framework for this exercise.

More recently, the promotion and the protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESC Rights) in Cameroon were still on the agenda. According to the main recommendation of the Constitutive General Assembly (CGA) of this network, a meeting said to be of planning brought together for two days the actors of the civil society on the human rights theme.

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Amnesty International’s (((Demand Dignity))) campaign

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Amnesty International’s (((Demand Dignity))) campaign will initially focus on a few key areas and patterns of human rights abuse which show particularly sharply the interplay of deprivation, insecurity, exclusion and voices ignored. The overall goal is to end the human rights violations that keep people poor.

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Interview : « Each human being deserves to live with dignity »

Wednesday 21 April 2010 by Assoal

After the African regional workshop on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESC Rights) enforceability approaches from January 18th to 22nd in Yaounde (Cameroon), Madani Koumaré, African coordinator of the ESC Rights international programme talks about the ESC Rights in Africa.

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Set up of the Cameroonian ESC rights Platform

Tuesday 20 April 2010 by Plate Forme DESC Cameroun

Plate forme DESC du Cameroun : l'assemblée générale constitutive s'est tenue From October 13th to 16th , almost 40 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) came from the ten regions of the country and took part in start-up activities of a citizen rostrum on Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ESC rights). The Constitutive General Assembly amended and validated its key statutory tools and regulations, and was followed byrights to a training session on ESC rights enforceability approaches. At the end of the meeting, a petition for the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) by Cameroon was signed and an appeal all to the president of the Republic of Cameroon was sent.

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Description of the French platform for ESC rights

Friday 26 March 2010 by Alexandra Aubry, Plateforme DESC France

In 2002, the CRID set up a study group on ESC Rights in order to coordinate the actions of its members and of various partners working on this topic (such as Trade Unions, Human Rights Organizations…), with the purpose to run advocacy for the drafting and the adoption of an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR.

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Asia - Textile workers clothe the world, but who clothes them ?

Monday 22 March 2010 by Frères des Hommes

3000 calories per day and per person, a roof, clothes, access to health services, schools : this is the minimum needed to keep a family alive. It is very far from what the textile workers of Asia have.

Last October 7, on the World Day for Decent Work, workers throughout Asia announced the official launch of Asia Floor Wage (minimum wage in Asia), a campaign to demand a decent minimum wage for textile workers. In this mobilisation, there was an aspect which has become indispensable: unionisation beyond frontiers, between 70 unions, NGO’s and labour rights movements of 17 countries.

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Outcome and perspectives of Cameroon ESC Rights platform

Wednesday 17 March 2010 by Plate Forme DESC Cameroun
On October 14th, at the monastery of Mount Febe in Yaounde, about 45 organizations from the Cameroonian civil society, representing associations, NGOs, trade unions, religious denominations and common initiative groups met in a constitutive General Assembly to debate on key statutory tools (...) > continue

Philippine NGOs Host Asian Regional Workshop on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Monday 15 March 2010 by Bernardo D. Larin - PhilRights

Around twenty-five (25) human rights defenders from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, and China gathered for three days in Quezon City, Philippines on February 24-27, 2010 to exchange experiences, stories, insights, and methods in advocating for economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights such as food, housing, education, health, social security, and work.

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