Terre des Hommes France co-organized a module and a workshop at the Summer University of International Solidarity with the participation of PhilRights

Monday 31 May 2010 by Terre des Hommes France

The Research and Information Centre for Development (CRID), umbrella organization of 54 international solidarity NGOs in France, organizes the “Summer University on International Solidarity” every two years since 2000.

This year it will take place from 7 to 10 of July 2010 in Bordeaux (France). More than 800 participants including around 50 international partners, representing more than 100 civil society organizations, are expected.

This Summer University is a training session on big issues about globalisation and development. It’s also an important opportunity for exchanges and reflections on an issue affecting the world of international solidarity: “Ecology, Social issues, Liberties: International Solidarity to recover from the crisis” is the main theme for this 2010 Summer University.

Terre des Hommes France co-organized a module and a workshop

Module: "Human Rights and dignity: to each its purpose"

8th, 9th and 10th July 2010

Using entertaining and participatory tools the participants will discuss the purpose of firms, states and people in the respect of human rights everywhere and for all.

The example of the right to food will show us that all human rights are indivisible and that any effort to promote one right must take other rights into account. Indeed, one company violating the right to land is violating at the same time the right to health, right to food, right of people’s....

The mobilizations carried out by the people to enforce their rights and the role that States to ensure the respect of human rights everywhere will be also discussed.

Speakers :

  • Bernardo D. Larin from PhilRights
  • Ambroise Mazal from CCFD-Terre Solidaire,
  • Jean Denis Crola from Oxfam France,
  • Nicolas Lebeurier fromAfrique Verte,
  • Jacques Viers from Amnesty International
  • Alexandra Aubry from Terre des Hommes France

Organized by: Terre des Hommes France, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Oxfam France, Amnesty International, Afrique Verte,

Workshop 13: Filipinos at the table: what rights? ?

Right to food in the Philippines
8th July 2010

Discussion with Bernardo D. Larin, from the Philippine organization Philippine Human Rights Information Center (PhilRights), on methods and possible actions that can be taken in order to enforce the right to food by involving the population.

Speakers :

  • Bernardo D. Larin from PhilRights,
  • Claire De Grave from Terre des Hommes France,
  • Anne-Laure Fages-Plantier from Juristes-Solidarités.

Webistes :

Organized by: Terre des Hommes France, Juristes Solidarités.


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List of modules and workshops - Summer university

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