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Monitoring administrative and judicial practices

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Civil Society Organization (CSO) – People’s Monitoring Mechanism (CSO-PMM) in the Philippines

Addressing Human Rights Violations
Wednesday 22 February 2012 by Philippine NGO-PO network for ESC rights
Launched in December 2011, the CSO-Peoples Monitoring Mechanism is a partnership of human rights and other non-governmental organizations, people’s organizations, and human rights defenders (HRDs) towards a more systematic and comprehensive monitoring and documentation of human rights violations (...) > continue

Monitoring Administrative and Judicial Practices in terms of Bonded Labour in Karnataka/India

Jeevika’s intervention at the Asian Regional Workshop on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Wednesday 21 July 2010 by JEEVIKA Kiran Kamal Prasad

1. Administrative Set up
2. Judicial Processes
3. Monitoring Administrative & Judicial Processes

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Guatemala: set up of a Public Expenditure Monitoring Center

A few days ago several civil organizations made up the Investment and Public Expenditure Monitoring Centre in Quetzaltenango.
Tuesday 13 July 2010
The aim of this group is to control how the municipality and the state institutions invest the funds. José Luis Sigüil, from the Kim Tzuk Pop Movement, stated that the monitoring center is comprised of his organization, the Economic Bureau, the Management Group, the Occident’s Roundtable and (...) > continue

Methods to monitor administrative and judicial practices

Wednesday 7 October 2009 by International Programme Coordination

Civil society plays an important role not only in monitoring and orienting public policies and legislation but also in monitoring administrative and judicial practices so as to ensure their compliance with the legislation, identify problems and find solutions.

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Monitoring methodology on housing administrative and judicial practices in Cameroon

Monday 7 September 2009 by Assoal

To monitor administrative and judicial practices on the field of housing, ASSOAL uses differents methods: Conduction of a study on the land status of spontaneous settlements, social capital and social and environmental risk factors; Setting up of legal clinics providing information and citizenship education (CIJEC)‏; Organization of associations, networks, community mutual insurance companies and social housing cooperatives; Implementation of a program of assistance and services and title deeds claim and a program of advocacy, monitoring and capitalization of skills.

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Methods on monitoring and influencing ESC rights-related judicial practices in Mali

Thursday 2 July 2009 by Clinique juridique DEME SO

Since its foundation in 1994, the DEME SO legal clinic has aimed at improving social, legal and economic living conditions in Malian jails.

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