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It was a programme of training on Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) rights enforceability approaches which consisted in exchanging experiences in order to build methodological capacities and skills: How to enforce ESC rights? Through what kind of actions? With whom? etc.

We all have different types of experiences which complement each other. Our goal was to share these experiences and learn the ESC rights enforceability methods used by our colleagues in Africa, Asia and South America, in order to re-appropriate them when possible.


The project consisted in a three-year training cycle (2008-2011) during which training sessions were organised by social leaders who master a specific ESC rights claiming method. These sessions were directed towards other countries’ social leaders who have no - or insufficient - knowledge thereof.

1. An international training session every year

Download the proceedings :

PDF - 2 Mb
ESC rights enforceability approaches, Bamako International Conference, April 2008

2. Regional training workshops
A workshop was held in Africa and another one in Asia every year.

3. The implementation of local projects using the newly learned methods.

4. A continuous training via this website

5. Production of several methodological documents based on our partners’ experiences

PDF - 1.9 Mb
Shadow report on economic, social and cultural rights, Methodological guide
PDF - 4.9 Mb
Methods to claim your rights. Sample cases on housing, land and food rights
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Rights-based Public Policies


For further information about the international programme’s background, click here

Financial Support

This programme was being carried out with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

and the International Organisation of the Francophonie

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