Why to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans at the right time

Why to get enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 at the right time

However, delaying during the right time at 65 years may end up in paying penalties and so wisely consider the options and it is best to act promptly.

Medicare supplement plans entail four major programs:

  • Part A covering hospital stays
  • Part B covering the physician fees
  • Part C gives Medicare beneficiaries optional, for care coverage as alternative plans
  • Part D covering the prescription medications

2019 medicare advantage plan

Apart from these government programs, the Medicare supplement plans are available as additional coverage purchase to individuals to get enrolled in Parts A and B.


Beginning Medicare enrollment at the right time begins before your birthday month when you are 65 years. The period is three months after and also before the birthday month and this makes a total of 7 months. If you are receiving now the benefits of Social Security, you need not do anything. Once you turn 65 and become effective, automatically you get enrolled in Parts A and B Medicare. But, if you are not a recipient of the benefits of Social Security, you may call Social Security Administration and sign for Medicare.


Part A Medicare actually needs no monthly payment. However, in case you have some work history, there is a need to pay premium for Part A. Generally, people pay for Part B premium. This is based on the income of the person and so it may increase or in case they failed to enroll when they were eligible first, they can sign now for Part A Medicare without Part B signing up.  Yet, you cannot escape as you have to pay later for Part B more, anytime you sign up for it.


Part B Medicare is not required immediately to sign up, in case you have union or employee group insurance plan or are working. However, there may be a surprise later that may not be pleasing. So find from your employer about the Medicare plan you are enrolled with and the primary insurer, so that you can get into the process of Part B Medicare sign up. Conversely, enrolling for Part A at least is a must so that it pays some costs that may not be covered by the group or employer health plan. Thus, do not skip the enrolment period initially or else you must wait for getting enrolled in the general enrolment period that is from January 1st to 31st March every year.